ReStomp: Using past tread to pave the way for future adventures.

ReStomp was conceived from a desire for constant adventure. Our world is beautiful and immense, and I want to see as much of it as possible, but our world is also in danger. We have damaged it unknowingly and/or carelessly, and our choices are quickly limiting the number of adventures we'll be able to have on this planet. So, let's retake control, learn from, and recycle the past, and use it to pave a way for a sustainable future.

In the snowboarding world we all enjoy the wild outdoors, but there is very little option for conservation. My goal is to raise awareness of a circular economy, one in which we use old material to create new goods, by creating snowboard pads out of 100% recycled car tires. This is only a small step to create a sustainable world, but it is an important aspect of keeping the conversation going.

ReStomp Stomp Pads are made from 100% recycled tires found in the United States.

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